Andrew was inspired to create from a very young age.

Some of his early memories were illustrating

on blackboards for the teacher, as early as

Grade 3. Andrew’s Father was a professional
photographer, and owes

a lot of inspiration and education to him.


A Graphic Designer, photographer and film
maker for many years, both in Australia
and the United Kingdom. Most recently for the last
decade — working with George Patterson Y&R,
one of Australia's leading advertising agency's as

there Design and Photography Director, based in Canberra.


Andrew believes that images and moving pictures
are the most powerful tools in communicating

the right message. As we all know images

are all around us, and if you want to stand out from

the crowd you have to be different.


With a passion for design, photography and film,

It is rare to have someone so multi skilled and

talented in all facets of production,

It really does streamline any project.
Andrew has an exceptional ability to produce something

from nothing and achieve unique results.
From an idea to highly polished product.

Image and content creation is second nature to Andrew.


Andrew is always taking the time to challenge himself and
present his clients with the best possible solutions.


Andrew work has taken him all over the world to shoot on location and this includes Australia and some of the overseas destinations are Solomon Islands, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom, UAE and the USA.


A couple of highlights were flying in a Hercules aircraft with the back door open and shooting the the new Super Hornet flying over Fraser Island at low altitude. And another was filming the Canberra Cavalry winning the Asia Series in Taiwan.